At team poi, we work tirelessly to get your company in front of the proper audience to ensure a beneficial relationship is formed. Your needs, goals, wants, etc., are of utmost importance to us which is why we hold a biweekly or monthly call with our clients to discuss progress, strategy, events, and overall goal obtainment. We take immense pride in showcasing our success in these meetings, but also remain flexible to adhere to the many different schedules we may be working with.

With over 20 years of experience within the shooting/hunting/outdoor industry, many of us have existing relationships with prominent industry “heavies.” We have lists of publications that will lead to media coverage as well as getting your products in the hands of the writer, social groups, reviewers, and all-around “pros” within the industry.

We are proud to also offer tradeshow, match, and general event representation on behalf of your company. Rest assured that our team is filled with experienced individuals who enjoy attending and educating others about the products and companies we represent. Based on our experience within the field we who to network with, target; and unfortunately, who to avoid.

The professional relationships we have built with others has been proven to be the quickest way to capitalize on coverage and gain traction from marketing and media standpoint. We enjoy the diverse companies we represent and have found cross-promotion to be a mutually beneficial asset and a phenomenal way to get products in front of the many groups within our industry.

Monthly Package

Public Relations
  • Work with writers to promote your products
  • Get your products in the hands of people to give a solid, honest review
  • We work with big-name podcast, and you-tubers to get interviews so we can educate their audience about your products
  • We work with our industry connections to get your product in the right stores and best websites for your specific market.
Social Groups
  • We have found a lot of positive feedback working with Facebook groups and forums, from educating the audience to doing announcements on the latest deals and products for our clients. Our team is in over 60 different groups, and monitor groups for anything that relates to your products.
  • We can have educated well-experienced team members that we send to events and tradeshows to represent your company and make those connects that you may not have time to do.
  • POI members have been to writers’ events to connect with new up and coming writers and work with familiar brands that your company may be striving to get in with.
  • Shooting matches are a great way to demo your firearms or products, give you a positive hand on experience for consumers.


 Ala Carte

  • PR (Handle all incoming and outgoing media relations)
  • Press Release
  • Travel Event representation