Meet The Team


Cole Quarnberg- Owner/ President

Cole grew up in Central Utah. During this time his love for the outdoors and hunting was kindled. He joined the Army in 2003 as a senior in high school. Upon graduation he spent the next 8 years between active duty and National Guard service. During this time he found his love for marketing while working in Recruiting and Retention.

Cole also grew to love shooting from a very young age and knew he would some day love to work in the firearms industry. Cole’s industry experience started when he was offered a job with Remington Outdoor Group at Barnes Bullets. During this time he became a ballistic lab tech and soon after the lab Armorer.

Since then Cole has held many positions within the shooting industry and shooting sports. Cole is the Match Director of the NRL Dog Valley Precision match and also holds a position on the Board of Directors for the NRL.

When Cole isn’t spending time in the shooting industry he is out boating, camping, enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids.


Mike Barton- Social Media and Special Project Manager

​Mike grew up in a small town in Utah. This “country” living contributed to growing a passion for the outdoors. He began hunting, shooting and reloading at a young age with his father. That passion has grown into a lifestyle.

He absolutely loves anything that has to do with hunting and shooting. His
favorite type of hunting is in the high country tracking mule deer with family and friends. Shooting is a part of daily life, whether it's just going to the range, shooting in matches or reloading match grade ammo with his sons.

He now enjoys teaching his kids about the same passions that he loves.


Tyler Moos- Shooting Team  Manager

Tyler had his start in the outdoor industry working at Barnes Bullets as a machine operator cutting cannelur grooves into solid copper bullets. As time went on he moved up to the ballistics lab as a lab tech performing ballistic testing and doing load work ups for testing.

At age 17 he enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard and is still currently serving in the Utah Guard in the 211th Aviation group. Tyler has deployed twice to the Middle East, once to Afghanistan and most recently to Iraq. He shoots in the NRL series of precision rifle matches, helps direct the Dog Valley Precision Challenge and attends local matches around Utah.

From as early as he can remember he has been passionate about shooting, the outdoors, and hunting everything from waterfowl to elk.


Jenna Wright Heaton- Graphics and design

Jenna grew up in a small town in Utah and always had a passion for art and design. After graduating high school she decided she wanted to make graphic design her career. She is just about finished with her Bachelors degree at UVU.

Jenna first started working in graphic design at a branding company doing promotional products for many different businesses in Utah. She then went on to be part of a marketing team and enjoys all aspects of marketing and promoting companies. Jenna has since had many design jobs and works with a wide range of clients who need designs for social media graphics, apparel, and company branding. She is also skilled in UI/UX design, website and app development, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

In her spare time she works on craft projects, sewing, upcycling furniture, playing the piano, archery practice, and making adventure videos.

She enjoys going on trips as often as possible.

Jenna got married in January of 2018 and was introduced to the world of firearms by her husband.  Although she’s new to the game, she’s already proving herself to be pretty darn good shot.



Jose Gardner- Reviews Manager and POI Pro Staff 

Jose  was raised in the small town of Danville, AL. Growing up shooting and hunting was just a way of life. Long range precision didn’t come into play until later in life, though, as his passion growing up was raising hound dogs for chasing hogs and bear. At 19, Jose joined the Marine Corps Reserves, specifically Kilo Battery 2/14 out of Huntsville, AL. With Kilo, Jose deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. Upon return, school and work eventually led Jose to living in UT and CO where he learned a true love for western game hunting and long range shooting.

               Jose started long range shooting while in school in UT. Starting recreationally with a very modest set up, he eventually made his way into competition in which he is still highly active today. Jose shoots a variety of styles of matches to include local and national PRS/NRL matches, as well as NRL22 and Competition Dynamics matches. He also dabbles in multigun matches as time allows.

               Jose started reviewing high end hunting and  shooting gear a few years back. Given he does Research and development as a day job, it’s a seamless fit for Jose to want to break down the attributes of all his gear, always looking for that best fit. Having reviewed gear for various organizations in a variety of formats, he really enjoys getting information about novel products out to the public to help shooters make informed decisions.

               Jose currently resides on the front range of Colorado. When Jose isn’t at the range, he enjoys hunting anything he can get a license for, as well as camping and RZR riding with his Wife and Pup .


Jeff (JD) - Sr. Reviewer and POI Prostaff

JD grew up in western Washington and enlisted in the military in 2005, where he remains on active duty today.  His entire career has been in Special Operations where he has dedicated over 7 years of it specializing as a sniper with 5 of his many deployments to the Middle East in this capacity.  He is quick to teach because of his passion to watch others grow and improve.

JD was drawn to shooting at an early age and took every chance he could to go to the range or the woods, even if it meant figuring out how to muffle the report of his pellet rifle while shooting in his back yard in suburban Seattle.  He eased into competitive shooting to develop his ability as a sniper and an instructor where he focuses on both gas and bolt guns.  His setups are designed around what he or others would be using overseas so he can bring practical lessons-learned to others prior to their deployments.  Recommendations he provides for equipment and training are based solely on user end-goals instead of a name-brand or price tag.

Outside of shooting, JD enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, back packing, and camping.  He enjoys passing on his love for the outdoors to his family and would like to begin section-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail as time permits.  Professionally, his biggest focus outside of shooting is building on the medial training he has received since he earned his EMT and MPIC certifications through other courses and higher-education.


Dave Holmes - Sr. Reviewer and POI Pro Staff 

Dave was born in southern California and grew up there until he was about 12 years old. When he was young, his father introduced him to firearms starting with a pellet rifle. After that, he was pretty much hooked. He would beg to shoot his dad's 22lr rifle all the time and loved going shooting.

When he was about 13 years old his family moved to a small town in Utah. In high school he learned video editing and really started running with it as a hobby, making occasional videos and fan-made trailers. After high school and while attending college, his love for firearms really started to take shape once he could start buying them himself. His collection grew rapidly and he started going shooting a lot more. He also started working full time for his local sheriff's office in their jail as a control room operator.

In 2013 Dave started getting interested in hunting. He and his dad started putting in for muzzleloader deer hunts. He was (and still is) a novice in deer hunting and hadn't harvested a deer. But in September 2018 he got his first buck with a Traditions Hawkins muzzleloader. It wasn't a monster buck by any means, but a respectable 3x3 (pictured above). He wants to become even more involved in hunting as time goes on, eventually working his way up to some elk hunts.

Dave started participating in the 22lr Marksmen Challenge competition in Springville, Utah in 2015. He really enjoyed the competition of shooting under time and pressure. He learned a lot in those monthly matches and made some great friends.

In 2016 he decided to combine his hobbies of video editing and firearms and started doing video reviews on guns and gear and has been doing that in his spare time ever since.

Dave joined Team POI in September of 2018 where he has been assisting with product reviews and video editing.


Justin Hyer -Sr. Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

Justin grew up in the beautiful Cache Valley nestled in the mountains of Northern Utah.  From an early age he enjoyed shooting and was constantly looking for ways to be a more effective shooter with his BB gun. That love for shooting really blossomed after graduating high school as he acquired a new 22-250 and learned the ins and outs of owning an accurate rifle.  His passion for precision was motivated by increasing his effective killing distance on prairie dogs and within a year or two he was routinely making hits over 500 yards. 

As he neared college graduation with a Biological Engineering degree, he sent his trusty 22-250 off to be rebarreled into a 6.5 Creedmoor.  The heavier bullets of the Creedmoor really allowed him to stretch out his shooting and he quickly learned just how rewarding, and frustrating, shooting at 1k+ yards could really be.  His love of the technical aspects of shooting naturally led him into product reviews and he has reviewed everything from cleaning supplies to high end rifle scopes for various online publications.

In the past few years his long range precision has really come into its own and he’s been rewarded with various long distance kills including an elk at 965 yards and a mule deer at 780.  However, his true love is varmint hunting and he’s really proud of some remarkable kills on varmints with confirmed kills on a coyote at 820 yards, a prairie dog at 1404 yards and a rock chuck at 1590 yards. 

Besides shooting, Justin also enjoys spending time on his mountain bike, fishing in the mountain streams around his home, and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.



Johnathan Solinski - Sr. Reviewer and POI Prostaff

Johnathon first starting his professional shooting career when he joined the Marine Corps Infantry in Oct of 2011. Wanting to continually improve his ability he joined the Scout Sniper Platoon for his unit in February of 2013. This path culminated in his graduation from Marine Corps Scout Sniper School in August 2014.

His introduction to the competitive world of shooting was in the 2016 Marine Corps Division Combat matches. During that match he was selected to become a permanent member of the Marine Corps shooting team, and in August of 2016 did just that with his assignment to the Marine Corps Rifle Team. Since then it has been a whirlwind of competitions consisting of multiple disciplines of shooting.  Johnathon earned his Marine Corps Distinguished shield in March of 2019 after winning medals at 5 High power and Marine Corps competitions. He has been selected to represent the Marine Corps at the Australian Skills at Arms Meet twice. Placing third in 2018 for the sniper competition in the international category.

He has competed in over 80 matches between USPSA, M1 Garand, NRA Worlds, M1 carbine, 1903 Springfield, long range, PRS, and the Marine Corps Matches. He became the Head coach for the Rifle Team in January of 2018 and coached the team until his end of service in September of 2019. He continued to shoot competitions on his own after becoming the coach, with a particular interest in .22 matches. He has shot over a dozen .22 matches in the last 2 years with several wins and top 5 finishes.

His next goal is to get into .22 ELR.


TONY PETERSON- Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

Tony has always lived in very Northern Utah, right along the Utah/Idahoborder. He grew up hunting, fishing, shooting, and camping in the beautifulUtah and Idaho mountains. He gained a true love for the outdoors andnature by spending as much time as he could there.

He found his true passion for firearms later in life, and although he stillloves finding himself in the mountains, hunting has become less of apriority. In 2015, along with a friend, Tony began Northern Utah Precision Rifle, and has been running club level rifle matches pulling shooters from a 4-5 state area, and most recently purchased the 160 acres he has been running the matches at. He and his oldest son have recently began shooting NRL22 together, where he sometimes loses to his son... sometimes.

If he ever finds a break from the match scene, you likely won't find him with cell service. He will likely be hooked on to the fifth wheel, with the wife and three kids headed somewhere peaceful to be able to wake up andcook some bacon!


Matt Meyer - Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

Matt is a fun-loving father of three children and married to the love of his life. He grew up and still lives in the pacific northwest chasing whitetail deer and upland game birds. Growing up matt also spent a lot of time fishing, camping, and hiking.

Matt started his career in law enforcement in 2006 and is still presenting serving his community. Matt is a member of his departments SWAT team and is the sniper team leader. Matt is dedicated to his profession and is always striving to learn new things to help him and his teammates.

Matt started shooting long range precision competitions in 2017. After receiving instruction from Jake Vibbert at a law enforcement training event he instantly realized he had a lot to learn. The ability of competitors to shoot accurately from unstable hasty positions correlated perfectly to the job of a law enforcement sniper. Matt being a cadre sniper instructor is also able to take these lessons learned back to new snipers he instructs and his teammates.

After taking his son Gannin to numerous matches, his son has decided to also shoot precision rifle competitions. 2020 will be Gannin’s 1st year competing, and he is excited to start hitting steel. Gannin and Matt will be competing in the NRL, PRS, and RTC matches.

Matt also owns and operates Meyer Precision. He offers premier firearms instruction in pistol, carbine, or precision rifle.

If you see Matt or his son Gannin at a match, make sure you stop and say hello. He has been known to pack around match gifts and he’s always in the giving mood.



Tim Robinson- Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

Tim grew up in upstate New York.  He began hunting whitetail and turkey on an apple orchard with his father and uncles shortly after he began walking.  He also started shooting in multiple rifle competitions with his father when he was a kid. He began a career in Law enforcement 8 years ago in New York and is currently a Police Sergeant in Colorado.

Tim started shooting in multiple different rifle competitions at a young age and has recently developed a passion for shooting PRS and passing on his knowledge of shooting to new shooters.

His favorite thing outside of shooting competitions is hunting anything he can with his father. When he’s not shooting at a match he can be found fishing the waters of Colorado’s high country, hunting, dirt biking, snowmobiling and spending time with his wife and son.


William Strachan - Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

William found his passion of the outdoors and hunting while growing up in Germany.  During his adolescent years he moved to New Mexico where he started competing in both target and 3D archery disciplines, finally moving into modern firearms while attending Texas Tech University and has remained an avid outdoorsman, hunter and firearms enthusiast since.

After graduation he joined the United States Air Force where he continued his travels through multiple Changes of Station and Joint Expeditionary Team Deployments, finally retiring in Washington State.  During his time on Active Duty, he served in several joint service units and reviewed top end outdoor pro gear for military applications which crossed over to civilian use.  Not one to settle, he has continued to put recommended gear through its paces and shares his experiences to help people with their own gear and product selections. 

After years of target shooting and hunting he found his way into competitive precision rifle shooting when his wife signed them up for one of Scott Satterlee’s precision shooting course.  He quickly hooked and actively competes in the NWPRL, NRL and PRS series with an ELR match thrown in every year for fun.  When not at the range or a match you can find him and his wife traveling, hiking, scuba diving, skiing, dirt biking, hunting and a host of other activities which keeps them outside and always searching for a new experience.


Brett Barnes - Reviewer and POI Pro Staff

Brett grew up in a small town in central South Dakota.  Spending countless hours in the field hunting with his father, from nearly the day he could walk, only solidified the outdoors as a lifestyle for him.  His extreme passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors only grew stronger as years went on.

 His passion for hunting, is what took him down the path of long-range competitive shooting.  He has been shooting PRS, NRL and NRL22 matches since 2015 and has traveled all over the United States competing at this level.  Though he has reloaded rifle cartridges since late childhood, competitive shooting has significantly increased his experience and knowledge in the reloading room.

 His wife and two boys have grown to love hunting, shooting and the outdoors, as he does.  He takes great pride in being able to teach them all aspects of the outdoors and watching them succeed.  Sharing with them his passions, and passing down the knowledge he has gained is the most important thing in his life.