Meet The Team


Cole Quarnberg- Owner/ President

Cole grew up in Central Utah. During this time his love for the outdoors and hunting was kindled. He joined the Army in 2003 as a senior in high school. Upon graduation he spent the next 8 years between active duty and National Guard. During this time he found his love for marketing while working in Recruiting and Retention.

Cole also grew to love shooting from a very young age and knew he would some day love to work in the firearms industry. Cole’s industry experience started when he was offered a job with Remington Outdoor Group at Barnes Bullets. During this time he became a ballistic lab tech and soon after the lab Armorer.

Since then Cole has held many positions within the shooting industry and shooting sports. Cole is the Match Director of the NRL Dog Valley Precision match and also holds a position on the Board of Directors for the NRL.

When Cole isn’t spending time in the shooting industry he is out boating, camping, enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids.


Chris Cooke - Sales & Business Development

Chris has been very connected to the retail side of the industry over the past 2 years as the former Director of Commercial and International Sales for Timney Triggers. At this position he spent a large amount of his time building relationships, developing OEM customers and creating a sales structure that began to include managing all facets of effective distribution through a better retail network. Prior to his time at Timney Chris oversaw business development, analytics and team training at one of the largest and most lucrative oil distribution companies on the east coast for over a decade. Before that he served in the Marine Corps as a scout in a Light Armored Reconnaissance Battallion prior to moving on to work privately in the security industry.

In his spare time he likes to stay fit, ride mountain bikes and hike, keep his firearms skills sharpened and travel all over the world searching for the perfect taco.


Tyler Moos- Shooting  Sports Manager

Tyler had his start in the outdoor industry working at Barnes Bullets as a machine operator cutting cannelur grooves into solid copper bullets. As time went on he moved up to the ballistics lab as a lab tech performing ballistic testing and doing load work ups for testing.

At age 17 he enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard and is still currently serving in the Utah Guard in the 211th Aviation group. Tyler has deployed twice to the Middle East, once to Afghanistan and most recently to Iraq. He shoots in the NRL series of precision rifle matches, helps direct the Dog Valley Precision Challenge and attends local matches around Utah.

From as early as he can remember he has been passionate about shooting, the outdoors, and hunting everything from waterfowl to elk.


Mike Barton- Forum and Hunting Manager 

​Mike grew up in a small town in Utah. This “country” living contributed to growing a passion for the outdoors. He began hunting, shooting and reloading at a young age with his father. That passion has grown into a lifestyle.

He absolutely loves anything that has to do with hunting and shooting. His
favorite type of hunting is in the high country tracking mule deer with family and friends. Shooting is a part of daily life, whether it's just going to the range, shooting in matches or reloading match grade ammo with his sons.

He now enjoys teaching his kids about the same passions that he loves.


Chloe Daniels- Media and Content Manager

Chloe was born and raised on a Ranch in Payson Utah. She was brought up like most in rural small towns, she has always had a love for firearms and the outdoors. She grew up with three older brothers and has always been a tomboy at heart.       

For the past two years Chloe has been a part of the Dog Valley Precision Challenge being an R.O. She fell in love with the sport and the people in it. From day one she has wanted to become more involved in the industry. 

Chloe has always had a creative brain, she enjoys Graphic design and Photography. The opportunity to work with POI is a dream come true because she gets to be more involved in the Precision shooting world while still doing what she loves. The thing she loves most about photography is being able to help promote other businesses through her photos/ creations.

When she isn’t behind her camera or computer she is throwing some serious weight around, training and competing in Olympic weight lifting meets all around Utah. Her favorite days involve doing something outdoors with her husband and pup. 


Kelbee Bird - CS/ Office Manager

Kelbee was born in Payson, UT but grew up in a small farm town in Warsaw OH, where she lived for 12 years before returning home to Utah after graduating high school.  She has always been a love of the outdoors growing up in a family whose big on hunting.

Being the youngest child and only girl in a family full of boys, Kelbee grew up being “one of the boys”. She always had to be included in whatever her brothers and cousins were doing.

When she was only 10 years old her dad gave her, her first .22 and in that moment she found her love of firearms.

Kelbee has found her passion working in the firearm industry, which she got started in a little over 2 years ago working in and managing the hunting department at Sportsman’s Warehouse. She is excited to continue growing and learning more working with Team POI. She hopes to make a career and a name for herself within this industry one day.


Hannah Kycek- Content Creation & Social Media Management 

Hannah Kycek was born and raised near the coast of Washington state. With many thanks to her father, her earliest memories were spent in the mountains looking for animals, processing game, learning to shoot, and being self-reliant (how any young woman should be). She defines herself as a precision hunter, and the only time you'll see her excited about numbers is when she's discussing MOA or load data.

Hannah has been hunting the western states for 17 years and working within the hunting industry for 5. Some of you may know Hannah Kycek as her freelance name “Hatchet Jane.” Most of her published works can be found on,, and a handful of other locations. Her passion for the outdoors transferred to a professional setting upon landing a summer internship with First Lite.

After she graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Journalism, she worked as a marketing professional for other industry elites like Seekins Precision, and Limbsaver. Hannah is a marketing aficionado, and her primary focuses with us will be writing, social media, photography, field testing, and all-around brand development.

Hannah brings a new meaning to the saying “gypsy heart.” Although she has the roots of a tumbleweed, Hannah is repeatedly pulled to the freedom Idaho offers and how the state holds true to its American values. Majority of the time she, and her 4legged hunting partner, Eberle can be found where they belong; the backcountry. If you ever catch her [not] hunting, scouting, reloading, or shooting, you can probably find her operating saws with paint or stain covered hands creating wood-art or refinishing antique furniture.