Business development

At team poi, we work tirelessly to get your company in front of the proper audience to ensure a beneficial relationship is formed. Your needs, goals, wants, etc., are of utmost importance to us which is why we hold a biweekly or monthly call with our clients to discuss progress, strategy, events, and overall goal obtainment. We take immense pride in showcasing our success in these meetings, but also remain flexible to adhere to the many different schedules we may be working with.

With over 20 years of experience within the shooting/hunting/outdoor industry, many of us have existing relationships with prominent industry “heavies.” We have lists of publications that will lead to media coverage as well as getting your products in the hands of the writer, social groups, reviewers, and all-around “pros” within the industry.

We are proud to also offer tradeshow, match, and general event representation on behalf of your company. Rest assured that our team is filled with experienced individuals who enjoy attending and educating others about the products and companies we represent. Based on our experience within the field we who to network with, target; and unfortunately, who to avoid.

The professional relationships we have built with others has been proven to be the quickest way to capitalize on coverage and gain traction from marketing and media standpoint. We enjoy the diverse companies we represent and have found cross-promotion to be a mutually beneficial asset and a phenomenal way to get products in front of the many groups within our industry.

content creation

Team POI is just that a team. We are a group of individuals with an array of strengths and talents. Not only do we capitalize on what each person excels at, but also ensure they are working on what they enjoy doing. We are made up of, (2) Photographers, (2) Videographers, and a notable word smith who been within the industry for years. Together we put out content we know will work. Content that is sure to catch the eyes and ears of consumers. As content creators, we understand how important it is to match you companies’ brand, culture, and mission in a professional manner. We will work closely with your company to create content you can be proud of to share with your audience through the multiple digital and print channels. 

dynamic marketing

Under dynamic marketing, we cover your companies marketing needs from logo design to social media posting. We work closely with your company to make sure posts fit within your brand and market. We help create eye catching graphics and email to impress your competition and consumers. Team POI wants to be your one stop shop for all your marketing needs. If you see something on this list we haven’t mentioned bring it up and we will discuss a price to make sure it is doable for both sides.

customer service coordination

We have a full-time employee that monitors our social media and emails for all customer and dealer-based questions and concerns. She is also in charge of coordinating giveaways or contests. Fielding customer questions also assists your companies’ employees to focus on what they are working on—leave the tedious tasks to us! Our team can also help you come up with contracts and get you ready to expand your marketing to dealers and departments depending on the industry.

team management

Our team management specialists are naturals at creating teams and ensuring each person has the knowledge and gear to properly represent your company. We select each person based on their outward presentations to the masses so only the most qualified people are selected to act as boots on the ground ambassadors of your brand. We will draft the team expectations in the form of a contract on your behalf, and hold on the team accountable in meeting deadlines, tasks, and overall solid advocates for your brand.